KIPP East Community Primary School Leader Carey Selected as LDOE’s 2020 Louisiana Overall Principal of the Year

Carey is the first charter school principal in Louisiana to receive this award

NEW ORLEANS – Today, KIPP New Orleans Schools (KNOS) honors KIPP East Community Primary (KECP) School Leader Jennifer Dennis Carey for being selected by the State of Louisiana’s Department of Education (LDOE) as the 2020 Louisiana Overall Principal of the Year. She is the first charter school principal in the State of Louisiana to receive this award.

KNOS Chief Executive Officer Rhonda Kalifey-Aluise said, “On behalf of the entire team and family of KNOS, I am incredibly proud of Jenny. Having been with KNOS for 12 years, she is a true leader in this organization and has opened the door for many. Our organization is stronger because she is a part of it. We have always noticed her impact, tenacity and leadership. It is a true pleasure to see the State recognize it as well.”

As a member of the founding team, Carey has been serving as the school leader for KECP since 2014 starting with a team of 10 dedicated educators and 100 kindergarten students. Under her leadership, the staff has grown to a team of 60 now serving approximately 560 students in Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade. 

In 2018, KIPP East participated in state testing for the first time. Their results placed the school in the top 10 elementary schools in New Orleans, including selective enrollment schools. KIPP East was also recognized as a top-performing high-poverty school, meaning the school scored in the top 20 percent of Louisiana schools that serve a population of greater than 75 percent of economically-disadvantaged students.
KNOS Chief Academic Officer Todd Purvis said “Jenny is a remarkable person and leader. She is relentless about building a school that balances high academic rigor and a loving, structured and safe environment. She has built such a special school community for students and families, including her own son who is in first grade. We look forward to her continued success as her students positively shape our community and our world.”

Prior to this role, she served KIPP Central City Academy (KCCA) as a 5th grade reading teacher and Assistant Principal of the Lower Academy.

While Carey is the first KIPPster to receive this award, this is the second time a member of the KNOS team has been recognized by the LDOE. In 2017, KNOS Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Joey LaRoche, received the LDOE’s Louisiana High School Principal of the Year award during his tenure as School Leader of KIPP Renaissance High School. 

KNOS CSO Joey LaRoche said, “Jenny is a proven leader in KNOS and education. As a long-time colleague, I’ve seen her hard work and commitment to students up close. From earning the respect of her teachers, students and families to the results that she has led her school to, it is no surprise to me that she has earned this recognition. Congratulations, Jenny, you have made so many proud.”

For more information, view the full LDOE press release.