Welcome Back KIPP New Orleans Schools

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With the successful completion of their second week of the academic year, KIPP New Orleans Schools is demonstrating a renewed focus on strengthening academic achievement and increasing student belongness.

At KIPP Believe, students and educators are actively participating in an array of activities designed to ignite critical thinking and provide a well-rounded educational journey. In parallel, KIPP Central City Academy and KIPP Central City Primary are employing personalized attention and interactive learning methods to develop a love for learning.

Across KIPP Leadership, KIPP East, and KIPP Morial, students are participating in thought-provoking discussions and collaborative projects that promote academic growth. High school students at Booker T. Washington High School, John F. Kennedy High School, and Frederick A. Douglass High School are immersing themselves in advanced coursework and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Reflecting on the achievements of the past year, KNOS is excited to build upon the momentum that has been established. Graduating seniors secured an impressive $34 million in merit-based scholarships. Primary students made remarkable strides in literacy and surpassed national averages.

KNOS achieved the top rank in the national network for the percentage of students making average or better growth on their reading assessment. This accomplishment, out of 24 KIPP regions and among over 15,000 primary students, speaks to the commitment to academic excellence.

Dr. Joseph Jones, Principal at John F. Kennedy High School, echoed his enthusiasm for the ongoing academic journey. "Our focus remains on providing students with the tools they need to succeed," he stated. "We're dedicated to cultivating an environment that fosters learning and personal growth."

A strong sense of community is a hallmark of KIPP New Orleans Schools. The collaborative partnership between educators, families, students and interested parties forms a supportive network that nurtures student success, both academically and personally. This communal commitment underscores the network's dedication to providing unlimited opportunity for every student that extends beyond the classroom walls.

For more information about KIPP New Orleans Schools and its comprehensive educational initiatives, please visit www.kippneworleans.org,